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Sensormatic — Leading the Way Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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For 50 years, Sensormatic has represented quality, service, and ingenuity. See how our innovations have changed retail.

So how did it begin? Before EAS technology, stores couldn't effectively deter shoplifters. Welcome Sensormatic.

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In the 70's, department stores thrived. Sensormatic led the way in product protection, as retailers learned it's not about trying to catch shoplifters — it's about deterring theft.

The mall was the place to be and be seen. Retailers needed a better way to protect products at this trendy destination so Sensormatic introduced Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology, transforming how retailers safeguard merchandise.

Big box chains boomed in the early 90's, as they expanded from suburbs into small towns. Retailers trusted Sensormatic's EAS, but needed to make it more efficient and easier to protect a diverse product assortment.

Customers enjoyed a growing variety of brands at specialty chains and big department stores. To keep pace, retailers worldwide turned to Sensormatic for the latest technology. Beyond protecting all merchandise categories, retailers realized the Sensormatic advantage to help optimize store operations and profits.

With the growth of online and mobile, customers can shop anywhere, anytime, and anyhow they choose. To satisfy shopper demand, retailers responded with omni-channel strategies requiring enterprise-wide visibility to inventory.

Sensormatic's innovative in-store technologies connected through a store intelligence platform offer insights into shrink, shoppers and inventory to improve profits and deliver a superior shopping experience.

As the retail industry evolves, so does Sensormatic. Through the journey, we delivered innovative solutions to help transform store operations and the shopping experience. Intelligent, connected sensors and devices provide actionable real-time information and visibility into shoppers, inventory and loss.

Thanks to our retail customers who have helped drive retail innovation over the last 50 years and for your continued commitment in the years ahead.

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